About Us

two ladies smiling in a kitchen while holding coffee cups.

Since 2017, Brooke and Emma Fajcz have been the dynamic mother-daughter team behind the widely acclaimed food blog, Savor the Flavour.

Their shared passion for cooking, baking, and teaching has empowered countless readers to find joy in making food from scratch and sharing it with their loved ones.

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About Brooke

With over 26 years of cooking experience, Brooke has been the culinary backbone of the Fajcz family. Her teaching expertise extends beyond the kitchen, as she has been homeschooling her daughters for over two decades. She effortlessly blends the joys of education with the warmth of the kitchen.

Her recipes have been featured in Oprah Magazine, Fox 47 News, Parade, and Town & Country Magazine.

lady with curly brown hair smiling.lady with curly brown hair smiling.

About Emma

Since her teenage years, Emma has immersed herself in the world of baking and food photography. Seamlessly blending education and culinary arts, she thrives in her job as a food blogger. A lady of many talents, Emma loves her time in the kitchen creating inspiring food content for fans on social media.

Emma’s delectable recipes and captivating food photography have been featured in many publications, such as Delish, Parade, BuzzFeed, The Guardian, and Insider.